S&R Sawmills

Core Services

Our Promise

We built our business and our reputation on delivering custom solutions and the highest level of quality services to our valued customers. From planning the cut to sawing the log, from grading and sorting to shipping the finished products, we have the full set of services to match your requirements, and the attention to detail to exceed your expectations. Lumber products cut at S&R Sawmills can be found in markets around the world in lengths up to 40 feet.

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Did You Know?

S&R was started in 1963 and is now the largest custom cutting capacity in British Columbia Canada.

Our Motto

Staying true to our Founder Chick Stewart's motto "It Can Be Done", S&R is here to serve your company's needs.

Logs And Lumber

We provide experienced log to lumber sawing services with industry leading grading, sorting, packaging which complete a superior, market ready product.

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Wood By-Products

S&R Sawmills is proud to operate at an almost 100% complete log utilization. Any parts of the log that doesn’t make lumber such as sawdust and chips, is collected for use in other industries and for the conversion to other value-added products such as paper.

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Supplementary Services

In addition to our lumber and wood by-products operations, S&R Sawmills also provides supplementary services such as anti-stain treatment, container loading, and log related services such as chipping, sorting, bundling (wrap & splash).

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