S&R Sawmills

Facilities And Capabilities

How We Are Different

S&R Sawmills is located on the banks of the Fraser River in Surrey, British Columbia. Our state-of-the-art facilities are capable of processing a wide variety of coastal log sizes and species. Three specialized sawmills, each designed for different log types and product requirements, allow us to offer our customers a wide range of capabilities all focused on producing maximum value from each log.

The S&R Advantage

Below are some reasons why S&R is the top choice for all your cutting needs:

Large Sorting Capacity

We recognize from experience that customers often need large sorting capacities in order to extract the most value from a log. Timbers or Lumber, we offer very large sorting capacities to allow for very granular size, grade or length sorting.

Timbers Up To 40’

Large and long timbers? No problem. One of our specialty mills is set up to cut timber sizes up to 40′ long and 24″ x 24″ fully sawn, or 14″ x 30″ cant sawn.

Log Splitting

Some logs require splitting or bucking before entering the sawmill. Our log crews are equipped to handle in-water splitting or bucking.

Live Output Tracking

All our mills are equipped to actively monitor and track output of key timber products. Specialty sizes or grades often require exact order fulfillment. We live monitor these products and adjust cutting as necessary to produce exactly what is required.

Specialty Length Live Log Bucking

Sometimes the log input length needs to be monitored and adjusted (bucked) to produce the desired output length. Our log crew is in constant contact with the mill to ensure the ideal log length is provided.

Multiple Supplementary Services

We offer these in-house services to simplify your handling or logistics processes, help reduce cost, and protect your product: Competitively priced full-service Container Loading, Anti-Stain Treatment for certain softwood species, Whole Log Chipping, Log Merchandising, Wood By-products Storage and Transloading.

Machine and Human Grading

Visually grading lumber and machine grading lumber both have their advantages, and at S&R we employ both. Our expert graders on the grading chain can quickly evaluate each piece according to established grading standards. Our machine grading process is American Lumber Standards Committee approved and is used for strength related grading. In many cases both systems are used.

We Do It Right. Consistently.

We’ve been in operation since the 60’s and have one of the best customer and employee retention records in the industry. How? We believe in training our employees to be experts at what they do so our customers get better service and a higher value from their logs. It’s how we’ve done it for the last 60 years and how we’ll do it for the next 60.