S&R Sawmills


The S&R Difference

S&R Sawmills has a long history of providing custom cutting services and customer-requested specialty products. We are experienced in sawing specialty timbers, oversized and overlength up to 40’, for construction, appearance, structural and industrial applications. We regularly cut logs to yield knotty, shop and clear grades for lumber and timbers. We can apply any grading standard such as NLGA, R-list or custom grades and have the ability apply AI optimized or human grading.

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Our Capabilities and Production

Three Specialty Lumber Mills on site with over 500,000 fbm/day capacity plus a Whole Log Chipping Mill

S&R Supplementary Services

Container Loading, Anti-stain Treatment, Log Merchandising, Wood By-products Handling & Transloading

Custom Log Breakdown

Our goal is to deliver the highest value and highest quality wood products for our customers. We have the technology, skills and equipment to convert logs efficiently and cost effectively.

Custom Log Breakdown

Specialty Products

S&R Sawmills’ expertise in sawing specialty products for industrial, residential and commercial projects around the world is highly valued and sought after for applications where both structural integrity and aesthetics are key.

Specialty Products