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Logs to Lumber

We employ a diverse range of sawmilling equipment and setups, state of the art technology and highly skilled operators, to provide the best log breakdown experience possible.

Quality and Value

S&R Sawmills is located on the Fraser River in Surrey, British Columbia. It consists of three custom cutting mills, staffed with highly skilled operators. We are committed to produce forest products of the highest quality while maximizing value from every log we handle for our customers.

Highly Specialized Sawmills Produce Higher Yields

At S&R Sawmills, our skilled staff are well trained and have the capacity to process all log sizes into a wide range of value-added lumber products. Our state-of-the-art facilities produce over 500,000 fbm daily. Each log is expertly handled, analyzed and sawn to the desired products. Attention is given to maximize yield and value while minimizing the environmental impact.

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Large Dimension Timbers up to 40'

Ample Sort Capacities

Live Output Tracking

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