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Wood By-Products

Wood Chips and Sawdust - we capture it all to extend the carbon cycle

Whole Log Chipping Mill

S & R Sawmills operates a whole-log chipping plant for logs that are not suitable for lumber production. These lower value logs can thereby be upgraded and utilized to continue their carbon life cycle in a variety of other products such as paper.  Sawdust and Hog-fuel is also captured for use in other industries and processes, thereby utilizing virtually 100% of the log.

By-Products Handling and Transloading

S & R Sawmills operates efficient chips, sawdust and hog-fuel collection and transloading facilities that include truck-tippers, scow and truck loaders. We promote full utilization of the log, the movement of by-products to other value-added industries, thereby extending and supporting the carbon life cycle.

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