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About S&R Sawmills Ltd

S&R Sawmills - “It can be done”

Our History

The Evolution of S&R Sawmills Ltd.

S&R Sawmills was founded by Chick Stewart and Vic Rempel in 1963 and has grown from a small steam-powered operation to one of the most respected names in the industry, with a rich, colorful history of evolution and adaptation in the BC lumber business.

Our size and operations have grown exponentially since the early 60’s, but our values and focus on producing forest products of the highest quality has remained the same since the first logs went through our mill.

Chick’s motto “It can be done” still remains true to this day, where our focus still remains on fulfilling our customers needs while maximizing the value out of every log.

You can read more about Chick Stewart and the rise of S&R Sawmills in his book “It Can Be Done” with all proceeds going to charity.

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S&R Today - The next Generation

We are still a family-run operation, with the same strong values, and committed to transforming our mills for the future.

With our dedicated employees, we excel at meeting our customers’ needs,  transforming logs into high-quality lumber products which can be found in markets around the world.

S&R Sawmills is:

  • 330+ dedicated employees
  • Three custom cutting mills
  • Whole log chipping mill
  • Log merchandising facility
  • Three truck tippers
  • Four scow berths
  • Container loading facility
  • In-house maintenance division

Our Mission

To lead the forestry industry with exceptional custom cutting services, leveraging over 60 years of expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost name in custom cutting and lumber solutions in Canada.

Our Journey

From humble beginnings to forestry excellence. From origins to pioneering forestry achievement


S & R Sawmills is founded with "A Mill"


S & R Sawmills Adds "B Mill"


S & R Sawmills Adds "C Mill"


S & R Sawmills Adds Tidewater Scow Loading Facility


"C MILL" Returns to Service After Operations Halted Due To A Fire


S & R Shop Is Established - Steel Fabrication, Machine Shop Purchasing


S & R Sawmills Adds "D Mill"


Adds Custom Loading - Chip Truck Dumpers And Weigh Scale


S & R Sawmills Opens The Planer Mill


S & R Sawmills Opens "E Mill" (Chipper Mill)


S & R Sawmills Opens "S Mill"


S & R Sawmills Decommissions "B Mill" and Planer Mill


S & R Celebrates 50 Years

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