S&R Sawmills

Specialty Products

We manufacture a wide range of specialty wood products in several wood species, available in imperial or metric lengths and dimensions.

Long Timbers Up to 40’ long

Our customers value our ability to cut timbers up to 40′ long. We expertly monitor the incoming logs for suitability and then cut and sort the desired sizes and grades. After carefully protecting these products for shipment they can be seen in mass timber structures in many public and private structures all over the world.

Large Timbers and Industrial Cants

Size does matter sometimes and for those projects where very large timbers are specified, we are proud to offer our customers the ability to cut four sided sawn timbers up to 24″ x 24″.

If cants for remanufacturing are required, we can saw pieces as large as 14″ x 30″.

Specialty Timbers for Industrial Applications

If customers need to cut timbers for industrial applications, we can offer sawing and grading expertise to fulfill such orders. We are experienced in cutting for Crane or Rig Matting, Rail Ties, Mine or Shoring Timbers or Industrial Crating Timbers to name a few.

Metric or Imperial Sizes

We are equipped to cut metric or imperial sizes or length. If your market requires metric sized lumber, no problem. We cut the exact sizes required and provide tags and tallies in metric as well. The same applies to Imperial measures.